Magicicada septendecim (L. 1758)

Periodical Cicada

Magicicada septendecim

A large periodical cicada with broad orange stripes on the underside of the abdomen, and with orange coloration on the sides of the thorax behind each eye and in front of the forewings (not visible in the photographs). The calling song phrases are said to resemble the word “Pharaoh.” Scale is 1 cm long.

You can rotate the 3-D models of M. septendecim below to see them from all angles.

Magicicada septendecim chorus:

Magicicada septendecim songs:

M. septendecim calling song

Courtship I/Calling song

M. septendecim Courtship II song

Courtship II song

M. septendecim Courtship III song

Courtship III song

Approximate range

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Marlatt, C. L. 1923. The Periodical Cicada. United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology Bulletin 71:1-183.