All images and text created by John Cooley David Marshall, and Chris Simon.

The National Geographic CRE-sponsored project “Making Modern Maps of Magicicada Emergences” provided funding for this project.

Funding was provided by the Frank W. Ammermann Endowment of the UMMZ Insect Division

This work is also supported by NSF DEB 98-07113, DEB 99-74369, DEB 04-22386, DEB 05-29679, DEB 07-20664, and DEB 09-55849 as well as the Japan Society for Promotion of Science Grants, Nos. 22255004, 26257405, 22370010 and 15H04420.

Fieldwork was conducted by Dick Alexander, Nidia Arguedas, Elias Bonaros, Gerry Bunker, Steve Chiswell, Joseph Coelho, Jamie Cooley, John Cooley, Les Daniels, Annette DeGiovine-Oliveira, Marten Edwards, Chris Ehrhardt, Paulo Fonseca, Richard Grantham, Kathy Hill, Chuck Holliday Greg Holmes, Michael Irwin, Hiromu Ito, Satoshi Kakishima, Rachel Krauss, Gene Kritsky, Thomas Lardaro, David Marshall, Dan Mozgai, Mike Neckermann, Andy Richards, Robert Sanders, Chris Simon, Karen Slon, Teiji Sota, Roy Troutman, Nick Yielding, Jin Yoshimura, John Zyla